Meat-Free Bodybuilding Gains Muscle

sitko2.jpgOver the last decade, vegan bodybuilding has been making a big name for itself, breaking into the mainstream with pro and amateur hardbodies ditching meat, dairy, and eggs, while racking up medals and trophies along the way.

Taking notice of the fast-growing community of vegan bodybuilders, the New York Times recently profiled a number of beefless beefcakes, including Robert Cheeke, Kenneth G. Williams, Billy Simmonds, and Jimi Sitko, who are bulking up and shredding stereotypes about the power of vegan living.

For some bodybuilders, the switch to a plant-based diet is an endeavor to improve health and performance, but Sitko says it was opposition to cruelty to animals that inspired him to go vegan. "I read more about how animals are treated on farms and especially how they are treated right before slaughter. It amazed me how much cruelty there is in the commercial farming industry," says Sitko.

With hearts as big as their biceps, these plant-strong bodybuilders prove that athletes can thrive on a vegan diet and even outcompete their meat-eating counterparts. Other top vegan athletes include Germany's strongest man Patrik Baboumian, the world's toughest woman Juliana Sproles, Ultraman Rich Roll, and more.

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