Media Mogul Launching New Animal-Centered Website

The Dodo is coming back! Perhaps not as an unusual, flightless bird, but as a new website that will explore the relationship between humans and nonhuman animals.

Ken Lerer, co-founder of The Huffington Post, chairman of BuzzFeed and Betaworks, and founder of Lerer Ventures, plans to launch the DoDo this fall. Kerry Lauerman, former editor in chief of, and Lerer's daughter, Isabel, will jointly run it.

Of the new business venture Lerer remarked: "Our thinking is that the topic of animals, animal rights and the relationship between animal and people is an issue that's on the cusp of exploding. Look at the front of the New York Times--they have a significant animal story on the front page every week. It's our plan to launch a site to try to own that topic."

In addition to serious stories dealing with animals rights, endangered species, and factory farming issues, the Dodo will feature fun and entertaining animal-related posts like those that are currently all the rage on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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