MFA Completes 67-City Walmart Cruelty Tour - But Campaign Against Retailer Continues

mobile2.jpgMFA's Walmart Cruelty Tour has concluded its 3-month, 26-state, 67-city journey, putting pressure on Walmart executives to stop torturing pigs.

Hundreds of volunteers across the country rallied in support of MFA's efforts, including Academy Award-nominated actor James Cromwell in Los Angeles and Assemblywoman Linda B. Rosenthal in New York City.

Many consumers across the nation have pledged to boycott Walmart until the mega retailer agrees to cut ties with its suppliers that keep mother sows confined to gestation crates, where they're unable to turn around or lie down comfortably for nearly their entire lives.

The Walmart Cruelty Tour garnered massive mainstream media attention at nearly all of its 67 stops, shedding light onto the horrific abuses pigs face for Walmart's pork. Local news affiliates were enthusiastic to interview MFA's national campaign coordinator Phil Letten, who led the tour from coast to coast.

"It is high time that Walmart realize that it is out of step with American values to confine these pigs to tiny gestation crates," Phil told reporters. "Most people are opposed to animal cruelty, and when they learn about the abuses that farm animals endure throughout their lives, they no longer want to support it."

While the tour has come to an end, MFA's campaign against Walmart continues.

Want to help pigs? Get involved with the campaign at and remember, the best action you can take to help pigs, and other farmed animals, is to stop eating them. Visit for vegan tips and recipes.