MFA Dishes Out Delicious Vegan Samples for MeatOut

All last week Mercy For Animals joined animal advocates across the globe in celebrating the Great American MeatOut by holding a variety of exciting vegan feed-ins and educational outreach events in Illinois, New York, Ohio, and Texas.

MFA Chicago activists coordinated eight successful MeatOut events, offering egg-free and dairy-free cookies, vegan sausage dogs, and savory BBQ seitan strips from the Vegan Food Truck of Chicago. Volunteers distributed over 1,000 food samples and about 1,700 leaflets to college students, concert-goers, political protestors, St. Patrick's Day parade-goers, and passersby on bustling street corners.

Chicago_MeatOut.jpgOn the East Coast, New Yorkers enjoyed incredibly delicious food outside two local vegan businesses. Volunteers in Manhattan distributed vegan cheesecake samples and sizzling vegan pizza slices made with Daiya cheese, courtesy of Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen. In Brooklyn, The V Spot restaurant generously provided tasty black bean empanadas. Hundreds of people gladly accepted copies of MFA's Vegetarian Starter Kit and Vegetarian Eating brochures.

Meanwhile, in cities across Ohio, college students eagerly sampled the likes of chicken-less vegan chicken salad from the Flaming Ice Cube, mini-veggie burgers, and vegan egg rolls from Loving Hut. As Central Ohio's newest vegan restaurant, the Loving Hut formally opened its doors on March 20th in honor of the Great American MeatOut. Many MFA supporters flocked to the eatery for its special grand opening ceremony and vegan buffet!

Last but not least, Texans had a chance to try cruelty-free food when MFA volunteers distributed peanut butter, lemon, and chocolate chip vegan cookies made by the Sun Flour Baking Company. Over 600 people feasted on the free cookies outside high schools, a fast food restaurant, and at a public plaza in Dallas. In addition, health-conscious health fair attendees were treated to Hail Merry's delicious orange-cranberry vegan "grawnola."

A special "thank you" to everyone who helped to make this year's MeatOut a smashing success for farmed animals! Interested in highlighting healthy and humane food choices in your own community? Please visit for funding and other resources, and click here for a complete guide to organizing a successful event.