MFA Volunteer Hits Major Milestone!

Kevin O'Connor is one of the most dedicated outreach volunteers that Mercy For Animals has ever had. Since 2010, when he became involved in the Ohio ballot initiative that worked to ensure farmed animals were given at least enough space to stand up, turn around, extend their limbs and lie down, Kevin has coordinated an incredible team of Cincinnati volunteers.

Kevin1.jpgOver the years, Kevin has inspired thousands of individuals to consider the plight of farmed animals and make more compassionate food choices. Just last week, Kevin and his team set a personal record, handing out their 100,000th leaflet!

Although a simple approach, leafleting--distributing free literature detailing the horrors of factory farming and encouraging readers to boycott cruelty by going vegan--holds incredible power in building a kinder future for all creatures.

Kevin2.jpgThrough professional and positive leafleting events, our interactions with the public, as brief as they may be, puts a friendly face on animal advocacy, while building a deeper and broader understanding and awareness of the problems of factory farming.

Kevin3.jpgWant to get active in your town? Fill out our volunteer form here, and check out MFA's Action Center for more ideas on how you can promote compassionate food choices.