MFA's Top 10 Blog Posts from 2010

ladygagameat10.jpg2010 has been a landmark year for Mercy For Animals, and it's all been documented in our blog. The MFA blog is home to all the juicy details of our most recent happenings, as well as heartwarming reports on exciting progress for farmed animals. Over the past year, MFA's blog has been home to posts about stories in the media, vegan celebrities, campaigns, video games, cookbooks, new products, and interviews with movers and shakers in the movement.

After sifting through hundreds of 2010 blog posts, here is our top 10 list. Drum roll please...

1) The Meat Dress: MFA's Open Letter To Lady Gaga

2) MFA Volunteer Honored with National Youth Animal Activist Award

3) Must See Video: MFA's 'Biohazard Crew' Converges Outside Grocery Store

4) Betty Crocker Gets Veganized: Meet the Duo behind the Transformation

5) Encyclopedia Britannica Interviews MFA's Founder Nathan Runkle

6) Vegan Week Serves Up Exciting New Menus at Mainstream Restaurants

7) MFA Pride: Celebrating Compassion and Diversity

8) Facebook Users Move From Farmville to Farm Rescue to Help Chickens

9) Michigan Wendy's Customers Get Served Major Food For Thought

10) Controversial MFA Ad Won't Fly During Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Broadcast

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