More Rotten Eggs

broken_egg.jpgAs if extreme animal cruelty weren't reason enough to ditch eggs, now egg-eaters have yet another sobering reason to hatch a vegan diet resolution. USA Today recently reported that Minnesota-based Michael Foods is recalling more than a million eggs from 34 states because of Listeria - a bacteria that can cause fatal infections, high fever, severe headaches, and nausea, among other symptoms.

This is only the latest in a series of egg recalls nationwide, including more than a quarter million salmonella-contaminated eggs from Ohio Fresh Egg in late 2010, and over a quarter billion eggs from Wright County Egg in Iowa - the largest egg recall in US history.

With rampant animal cruelty and risk of disease, it's no wonder the demand for eggs is steadily declining and that the U.S. Department of Agriculture says egg consumption has dropped every year since 2006.

One of the best common-sense actions consumers can take to prevent animal cruelty and reduce their risk of illness or death is to adopt a healthy and compassionate vegan diet. Click here for tips on baking without eggs.