Museum Launches Unique Online Exhibit About Chickens

chick.jpgThe National Museum of Animals and Society has recently launched a special online exhibit all about chickens, illustrating our treatment and perception of them over time, their behavior and intelligence, and the ways that compassionate people and organizations, including Mercy For Animals, have advocated on their behalf.

Entitled "Uncooped: Deconstructing the Domesticated Chicken," the exhibit aims to "facilitate a dialogue about the ways chickens are perceived and treated in society and offer an opportunity for people to 'get to know' chickens and their little known charisma, complexity and charm."

The exhibit boasts several intriguing features, including an "advocacy timeline," which highlights activist accomplishments on behalf of chickens, such as undercover investigations conducted by MFA and other organizations and the passage of ballot measures to protect hens from cruel battery cages. There is also a fascinating section called "suicide food" that presents cartoon advertisements used by restaurants to depict chickens "as though they wish to be consumed." By trivializing their experiences in this way, such representations desensitize people to the suffering they endure.

Chickens are intelligent, highly social animals. Whenever we eat, we can choose not to support factory farms and slaughterhouses that treat them as mere egg or meat production units that exist solely for profit. To learn how you can help chickens every day, visit or order your free Vegetarian Starter Guide.