Nat Geo TV to Go Undercover at Factory Farms with MFA

Don't miss the July 31 episode of National Geographic Channel's new series Inside: Secret America as Peabody Award-winning journalists Mariana Van Zeller and Darren Foster go undercover with Mercy For Animals investigators into some of the country's largest farms.

Titled "Animal Undercover," the episode features MFA investigators "Pete," who worked at a Burger King dairy supplier in Idaho, and "Jane," who worked at a Butterball turkey factory farm in North Carolina. Both of these landmark investigations exposed abuse so horrific that multiple workers were charged and convicted of criminal cruelty to animals.

Van Zeller and Foster also interview Matt Rice, MFA's director of investigations, about the factory farming industry's un-American efforts to silence whistleblowers and keep its criminal activities hidden from public view.

Check out these exciting preview clips from the episode:


Available in over 143 countries and viewed in more than 160 million homes, National Geographic Channel is perhaps the most well-known and respected source for documentary films. By going behind the closed doors of America's factory farms, this episode is sure to open the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world to the plights of farmed animals.

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