New International Social Network to Promote a Vegan Lifestyle

tumblr_inline_mm0h8a2O9x1qz4rgp.jpgAn exciting, new social networking site called Bleat, which caters to vegans, is set to launch today! As its fun promotional video states, the site will "help all vegans live their lives to the fullest, make veganism become more mainstream, and spread the positive message of a healthy meat-free and cruelty-free lifestyle."

Bleat, an international resource created by British vegan advocates, recognizes the benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle to animals, the environment, and human health. It exists to connect vegans to one another in order to share their knowledge and ideas, as well as to provide a vegan marketplace, health and dietary tips, animal rights news and campaign info, and inspiration to "get the absolute most from your vegan lifestyle."

Bleat also aims "to inform and educate non-vegans on how choosing a healthier, more compassionate, and more environmentally friendly lifestyle can have a massive impact not just on their life but also the planet."

To get onboard with this great new resource from the start, check out and create a profile.

For more information about a vegan lifestyle, visit or order your free Vegetarian Starter Guide today.