New MFA Billboard Urges Michigan Drivers to Choose Vegetarian

Thousands of daily commuters traveling in Michigan on I75, just south of I-696, are getting some serious food for thought thanks to MFA's newly erected pro-vegetarian billboard. The eye-catching advertisement, featuring a lovable puppy sitting next to an adorable piglet, asks travelers, "Why love one but eat the other?"

Drivers are urged to widen their circle of compassion to include all animals by choosing vegetarianism.

This latest ad is part of MFA's growing campaign, which also includes leaflets and bus ads, aimed at getting consumers nationwide to make the connection between animals we call pets and those we label food.

The campaign spotlights the simple reality that farmed animals experience joy, loneliness, fear, frustration and pain in the very same way as our beloved dog and cat companions. Yet, in our nation's factory farms and slaughterhouses, pigs, cows and chickens are confined in cages so small they can hardly move, are mutilated without painkillers, cruelly handled, and mercilessly slaughtered - often while fully conscious. In fact, factory farms could face felony-level cruelty to animals charges in most states if they subjected dogs or cats to the abusive conditions farmed animals endure daily.

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