New MFA Full-Page Ad Delivers Sunday Surprise for Walmart Executives in Hometown Newspaper

Mercy For Animals thought Walmart's executives could use an extra little pick me up with their coffee this morning. So we decided to run a provocative full-page ad in Walmart's hometown newspaper, the Benton County Daily Record, in Bentonville, Arkansas. The ad  targets the world's largest retailer for continuing to source pork from factory farms that keep pregnant pigs confined in cruel gestation stalls.

While almost every other food corporation has already committed to phasing out gestation stalls, Walmart executives continue to drag their feet, keeping pregnant pigs in crates so small they are never able to turn around or lie down comfortably. MFA hopes this full-page ad will be a major wake up call to Walmart: they must immediately take a stand against one of the worst forms of institutionalized animal abuse.

Numerous undercover investigations by MFA at Walmart pork suppliers have revealed heartbreaking animal abuse. See for yourself:

Please join MFA's Walmart Cruelty campaign today and ask the company's executives Mike Duke, Bill Simon, and Doug McMillon to "quit stalling" and do away with cruel gestation stalls. Take action at