New Study: Human Bladder Infections Linked to Contaminated Chicken

E_ Coli77.jpgAccording to a new study reported on NPR, some chicken is contaminated with the same strains of antibiotic-resistant E. coli found to cause recurring human bladder infections. Researchers say it is likely that the E. coli strains are being transferred to humans through the consumption of infected birds.

Maryn McKenna, journalist with the Food and Environment Reporting Network and author of SUPERBUG, says consumers should be concerned. Strains of the bacteria create infections that spread from the gut to other areas of the body. "Because of this decade of research," adds McKenna, "there is now abundant epidemiologic evidence that this bacterial traffic is occurring."

The broad-scale use of antibiotics on factory farms to promote rapid growth and fight off illnesses induced by filthy, disease-ridden, and overcrowded living conditions is in great part responsible for creating antibiotic-resistant superbugs, making these same antibiotics less effective at treating human illnesses. According to ABC News, these particular strains of E. coli are linked to a troubling rise in the occurrence of "painful and long-lasting bladder infections" that are increasingly difficult to treat with antibiotics.

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Thankfully, an easy and effective way to safeguard your own health and prevent the needless suffering of animals is to choose plant-based alternatives to disease-infested meat, dairy, and eggs.

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