New Vegan-Chicken a Shred Above the Rest

fork.jpgFrom stretchable "cheeses" to egg-free "egg yolks," vegan food pioneers are churning out incredible and imaginative new products at lightning speed. Now, a new plant-based "meat" company is giving the phrase "tastes like chicken" a whole new meaning.

In a recent New York Times opinion piece, Mark Bittman tells readers about the amazing shredability of the new "chicken" product created by Ethan Brown of Savage River Farms. Bittman writes, "When you take Brown's product, cut it up and combine it with, say, chopped tomato and lettuce and mayonnaise with some seasoning in it, and wrap it in a burrito, you won't know the difference between that and chicken. I didn't, at least, and this is the kind of thing I do for a living."

In addition to the good taste - and obvious health, environmental, and ethical benefits - Savage River Farms' product will be surprisingly affordable. Brown says the price point of his "chicken" will be lower than real chicken.

Savage River Farms' "chicken" is still in early production, but Whole Foods will start using the product in prepared foods soon. Retail sales are expected to begin this summer. This is great news for the more than 8 billion "broiler" chickens slaughtered each year in the United States for human consumption.

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