New York Times: Venture Capitalists Bet on Veganism

A few months ago, Bloomberg Business Week reported on the investments of several venture capitalists in vegan startups. Growing ever more newsworthy, the topic was also covered by the New York Times in this past Sunday's business section.

Beyond Meat.jpgAccording to the Times, venture capitalist cash was up 37 percent for food projects as compared with the previous year's numbers, with 350 million dollars invested. Josh Tetrick, the mastermind behind Beyond Eggs, a company aiming to create a plant-based alternative to chicken eggs, thinks investors seek an opportunity to help fix our "terribly broken" food system. He explains that whether it be in relation to how we treat animals, the planet, or our own health, our current food model is grossly subpar.

The Times also reports that wealthy investors expect to profit from the expanding population of people looking to reduce their meat consumption and incorporate more organic foods into their diets.

Other vegan companies profiled in the piece include Silicon Valley-based Lyrical Foods, which just debuted the first-ever vegan cheese--marketed under the name Kite Hill--to be featured in the Whole Foods cheese department. Beyond Meat, which had Microsoft mogul Bill Gates singing its praises earlier this year, and Sand Hill Foods, which promises veggie burgers that taste similar to beef, were also spotlighted by the Times.

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With meat consumption on the decline, healthy vegan versions of traditional animal-derived foods are becoming more widely available. We don't have to wait, however, for any new product to hit the market before choosing to take a stand against the suffering endured by animals on factory farms. For information on transitioning to a delicious, vegan diet, visit