NPR Highlights Benefits of a Vegan Diet

IMG_3310_thumb.jpgIn a recent two-part series, National Public Radio (NPR) highlighted the benefits, ease, and deliciousness of a vegan diet, as well as recipes and meal ideas to start off the year right.

Last Sunday, the station interviewed Kathy Freston, best-selling author of The Veganist and the new book The Lean, to "explore what it means to go vegan." Freston described growing up in the South and eating a heavily meat-based diet and shared that "being vegan doesn't have to mean giving up the pleasures of a fine meal." She recommends people "lean into" veganism by "gradually moving away from animal foods and towards plant-based foods."

Freston also dispelled the common misconception that people need only switch to organic meat and dairy: "There's not enough acreage in the world to supply our kind of appetite [for animal products]; there just isn't. The only answer, really, is to decrease our consumption of meat."

The following day, NPR interviewed vegan chef Bryant Terry, author of cookbooks The Inspired Vegan and Vegan Soul Kitchen, who shared some of his innovative recipes, which combine traditional soul food with other types of cuisines for a "multicultural flavor," such as black-eyed peas with candied sweet potatoes and greens made with the traditional asian staples tamari and miso.

Such radio programs are yet another indicator of the growing popularity of a vegan diet. Major media outlets are increasingly highlighting the benefits to our health, animals, and the planet of transitioning toward plant-based eating.

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Photo: Gena Hamshaw