Office Activism: Advocating for Farmed Animals at Work!

chickinhand_dreamstime_823494 copy.jpgMFA volunteer Jenni Rempel fires off some tips for getting active on the job.

You can still work for animals without pursuing a career in animal rights. Check out these great tips for promoting compassionate living at your job.

  • Leave literature. Perhaps your workplace has a waiting area, break room, or cafeteria. When appropriate, leave leaflets and animal rights reading materials around for your coworkers and clients to browse. Order some today! The new Vegetarian Starter Guide is also a great resource to place in common areas.
  • Eat out. Take your colleagues to a veg restaurant for lunch next time. Use to find an eatery near you.
  • Share through social media. Consider using social media with your office mates to promote compassion for animals. Check out Mercy For Animals on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr for posts you can share.
  • Ask about corporate matching programs. Work for a big company? Many corporations from American Express and Coca Cola to Yahoo! will match your donations to Mercy For Animals. Consult your human resources department for details.
  • Petition people. Most people are opposed to animal cruelty. Consider sharing Mercy For Animals campaigns such as Amazon Cruelty and Walmart Cruelty, both of which feature easy-to-sign petitions against torture and exploitation of animals.
Want to go a step beyond your office? Consider volunteering for Mercy For Animals or check here for employment opportunities.