PlantBuilt: Strength in Numbers

The largest gathering ever of vegan muscle on a bodybuilding stage recently took place at Austin's Naturally Fit Super Show thanks to the PlantBuilt team--a group of vegan athletes who have joined forces to show people that building a strong, healthy body from the inside out is best done without harming animals.

Founded a little under a year ago, PlantBuilt is a nonprofit, competitive fitness group that seeks to buck the notion that eating animal products is the only way to achieve success in the world of bodybuilding.

At its debut competition in Austin, the plant-based powerhouse took home four overall championships and five first-place wins!

So what's ahead for PlantBuilt? Co-founder Giacomo Marchese of had this to say: "This is an all-inclusive team and we will consider new teammates who are serious about representing veganism in the best light possible." The team plans on competing again, with more than 30 athletes, in the 2014 Naturally Fit Games. For now, look for PlantBuilt's exclusive feature in the upcoming special collectors' edition of Vegan Health & Fitness magazine.

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