Profile of an MFA Undercover Investigator

Cody.jpgUndercover investigators are true unsung heroes of the animal protection movement. Nearly every piece of animal-friendly legislation, change in corporate animal welfare policy, or the most powerful change of all--the decision by countless people to adopt compassionate vegan lifestyles--stems from the work of an undercover investigator.

Documenting cruelty and violence at factory farms and slaughter plants is not glamorous--it's heartbreaking, disgusting, and horrific--but also vital to exposing and preventing farmed animal abuse. But what is it like to do this important and dangerous work? VegNews recently profiled Cody Carlson, a former MFA undercover investigator, to get the scoop:

"The more I saw, the more I needed the world to recognize the weight of this injustice. I needed everyone to look into the eyes of a caged farm animal and recognize like I had that she feels the same pain, the same terror, and even the same potential joy as you or I." - Cody Carlson

Read the rest of Cody's incredible exposé here.

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