Progress! McDonald's in Latin America Switches to Cage-Free Eggs

On Thursday, McDonald’s announced its commitment to purchasing and serving only cage-free eggs in Latin America by 2025. The announcement follows discussions with Mercy For Animals and other farmed animal protection organizations.

McDonald’s, the world’s second-largest quick-serve restaurant chain, will extend its current cage-free egg policy to Brazil, Mexico, and the rest of Latin America. Last year, the company committed to sourcing only cage-free eggs for its U.S. operations by 2025. McDonald’s decision will spare millions of egg-laying hens from a lifetime of immense suffering.

Stuffed into cages so small the birds can’t walk, fully spread their wings, or engage in other natural behaviors, these intelligent, sensitive animals are subjected to unspeakable cruelty and neglect. Many birds become trapped and painfully mangled in cage wire or under feed trays and often suffer and die.

The fast-food giant joins Burger King, which announced a cage-free commitment for Latin America just a week ago. While cage-free doesn't mean cruelty-free, McDonald's cage-free egg commitment will reduce the suffering of countless birds and inspire other companies to implement similar policies.

And remember, the best way to help hens is to avoid eating eggs altogether. Try these 10 delicious egg recipes without the eggs.