Real Men Eat Tofu

The ridiculous idea that "real men eat meat" is dead. A new article in Business Insider highlights how nowadays some of the most powerful men in the world are purposely choosing to leave meat off their plates for good.

From former President Bill Clinton and Mayor Cory Booker to ubersuccessful businessmen Steve Wynn and Biz Stone, men in high-profile positions of power are recognizing that plant-based diets help improve health, stave off disease, and promote vitality.

As more game changing athletes and famous personalities speak out about their vegetarianism, awareness spreads and change happens for men and women. Just a few months ago, Hollywood veteran actress Michelle Pfeiffer appeared on CNN to discuss how she went vegan after learning about Bill Clinton's success on a plant-based diet.

Whether you're concerned about climbing to the top, doing right by the planet, or taking a strong stand against animal cruelty, there has never been a better time to adopt a vegetarian diet. For tips to get you started, visit