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Chicago Vigil for Victims of Foie Gras Production

Over 90 members of Mercy For Animals converged outside Chicago's City Hall on May 16, 2008, in response to the startling foie gras ban repeal. The silent candlelight vigil mourned the loss of the humane measure and paid tribute to the horrific suffering endured by ducks in the production of foie gras.

Armed with candles and signs that read "Foie Gras: Too Cruel to Swallow" – graphically depicting birds having metal rods jammed down their throats and crammed in tiny cages – the concerned citizens urged Chicagoans to reject cruelty to animals by refusing to eat the diseased “delicacy.” An activist wearing an electronic "body screen TV" aired undercover video footage taken at American foie gras factory farms showing birds locked in cages so small they can’t spread their wings, suffering from open wounds, and having metal rods violently jammed down their throats during the forced-feeding process.

News media coverage of the vigil reached hundreds of thousands of Chicago residents with the message that eating foie gras supports horrific animal cruelty.

Large banner exposes cruel truth behind foie gras production outside City Hall.

News crew films as MFA activists hold silent candlelight vigil for victims of foie gras production.

MFA member speaks up on behalf of animals.

Chicago residents mourn the loss of the foie gras ban.

Undercover footage reveals abuses on American foie gras factory farms.