Robin Quivers Credits Veganism with Helping Her Beat Cancer

In a recent article in the "Los Angeles Times," famed Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers says a vegan diet helped her recover from cancer.

According to the article, "Quivers underwent surgery last year to remove a large mass in her pelvic area and chemotherapy to attack a tumor on her bladder." Quivers has since been declared cancer-free and attributes her vegan diet to her successful recuperation. "When I started eating clean, it all stopped," Quivers says.

Next month, Quivers is set to release a new cookbook, "The Vegucation of Robin," that details her struggles with her health and eventual transition to a plant-based diet. The book features over 90 vegan recipes that have helped Robin stick with this health-affirming lifestyle.

Countless studies have shown a clear link between cancer and the consumption of animal products. Just this year, an American Cancer Society study found that those who regularly ate red meat had an increased risk not only of developing colon cancer but of dying from it compared to those who ate less meat.

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