Russia Bans American Meat Over Health Fears

Turkey-farm-in-Massachuse-001.jpgRussia has announced that it will begin banning turkey imported from the United States because of health concerns over ractopamine, a feed additive. The country previously banned US imports of beef and pork for the same reason.

Ractopamine is used as a growth stimulant and is said to make meat leaner. Many countries, including all of the EU, China, and Taiwan, have banned its use due to concerns that it contaminates the meat and could cause health problems.

This isn't the first time alarms have sounded over additives in animal products. In 2011, after years of denial, the FDA admitted to the use of toxic arsenic in chicken feed. Monsanto's growth hormone, rBGH, which is fed to dairy cows, has been banned in 27 countries due to human health fears, although it continues to be widely used in the United States.

From antibiotics and growth hormones to pesticides, animals are exposed to all kinds of harmful chemicals on factory farms. The best way to steer clear of these substances and to make sure animals and people don't suffer from them is to adopt a plant-based diet.

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