Social Media Atwitter Over Meat Alternatives

A few weeks back we blogged about research published by Chicago-based firm Mintel that shows a large number of meat-eaters regularly buy meat alternatives.

Now, new findings from Mintel point to a surprising new trend in online discussion. It appears that people are extremely interested in what's in their food and meat alternatives are once again a hot topic. "Among all meat alternative brands reviewed in Mintel's recent Meat Alternatives report, there's a strong sense of commitment to healthful and cruelty-free living that helps in fostering strong online communities," says social analyst Gabi Lieberman.

Topping the list when it comes to hyping meat alternatives is the social media platform Twitter, claiming nearly six in ten online mentions. It is theorized that the Meatless Monday hashtag is largely to credit for this.

As the public becomes increasingly aware of the detrimental effects meat has on human health, the environment and farmed animals, more and more people are gravitating toward plant-based food choices.

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