Stephen Colbert Ridicules Congressman Steve King's Cruel Farm Bill Amendment

colbert2.jpgIn a sweeping victory for the nation's farmed animals, yesterday the United States House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted down the 2013 Farm Bill, which included the dangerous King Amendment.

Notorious Iowa ag-industry henchman Steve King's amendment to the Farm Bill would have eliminated the few state laws that ban cruel production practices, including extreme animal confinement in cages and crates, the force-feeding of ducks, horse slaughter, and shark finning.

In a tongue-in-cheek segment on last night's Colbert Report, comedian Stephen Colbert spotlighted King's career-spanning crusade against animal welfare and the deplorable conditions imposed on factory-farmed animals.

Colbert used humor to bring much-needed attention to a very serious issue: the miserable plight of the billions of animals raised and killed for food each year in this country.

MFA says thank you to all our members and supporters who took quick action against the King Amendment by contacting their representatives and voicing their opposition to its inclusion in the Farm Bill.

Ultimately, the most effective tool each and every one of us has to end the violence and suffering routinely inflicted on farmed animals is choosing kindness over cruelty each time we sit down to a meal. Visit to get information, tips, and recipes for transitioning to a compassionate vegan diet.