Straight Talk on Vegan Nutrition

gregerwhite1.jpgGood news for all of the compassionate, health-conscious people out there! Today, Dr. Michael Greger, physician and internationally renowned nutrition educator, is launching a 365-day marathon of daily video posts at

In a world of sometimes confusing nutritional advice, Dr. Greger boils it down to the straight facts, using only the latest research in strictly science-based clinical nutrition. A powerful tool, helps consumers navigate through food and beverage industry propaganda, and conflicting media reports to make healthy eating easier for everyone.

Accompanying the informative video series will be regular blog posts, breaking news stories, assessments of scholarly literature, and an interactive question and answer component. To improve your health and fight disease by learning the latest in what science has to say about the food you're eating, visit

For delicious and nutritious recipes or more information on the health benefits of a vegan diet, please visit