Support MFA While Shopping at Compassion Couture This Holiday Season

compassion-couture-e1336504371233-1024x616.jpgMercy For Animals is thrilled to announce our partnership with Compassion Couture and designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, founder and president of Vaute Couture. Compassion Couture and Leanne have joined forces to benefit farmed animals by raising funds for MFA through Compassion Couture's exciting fall collection campaign!

Jill and Tracey Spiritus, the sisters and best friends who started Compassion Couture have created a compassionate fashionista's dream shop! Only 100% animal- and eco-friendly products are showcased in their online store. Their mission? To show the world that you can uphold your beliefs without sacrificing your sense of style.

Recently the pair partnered with Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of Vaute Couture, who has made a name for herself in the fashion industry with her innovative vegan coats, classy and chic, but still warm enough for below-freezing weather. Vaute's coats are so cozy and elegant that Leanne is proving to the world there is no need for animal products in fashion!

Main Collage Picture_1.jpgWith no initial background in fashion, Hilgart spent a year and her life savings developing the first true winter dress coat line that is both vegan and warmer than wool.

Vaute Couture, an independent label with a cult following from Tokyo to Sydney to Minneapolis, just opened its first flagship store in Brooklyn, and has been featured in Marie Claire magazine, on and, and on Fox TV's Bones.

Olsen Haus Yoda Vegan Booties_1.jpg
Compassion Couture has selected Leanne as its featured designer for its fall campaign. Leanne has selected 12 stylish accessories (which would look great with her amazing coats) and a portion of the proceeds from those accessories will go directly to MFA!

We are especially grateful to Compassionate Couture and Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart for being such incredible proponents of MFA, and we couldn't be happier to have this support at such an opportune time of year.

Gunas Scarlet Vegan Wallet_1.jpg
Leanne will be the featured designer benefiting Mercy For Animals throughout the holiday season, so this year your holiday shopping can also support farmed animals!

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