Tell the FDA No to GMO

article-1287084-0A0F7E91000005DC-871_468x359.jpgThe FDA is on the verge of approving the first genetically modified animal for human consumption. Under the trade name AquAdvantage, genetically engineered ("GMO") salmon are manipulated with DNA and growth hormones so that they reach market weight twice as fast.

There are grave animal welfare concerns associated with genetically modifying these animals. Salmon, fish who naturally swim thousands of miles, are crammed into overcrowded, filthy tanks where they are doused with antibiotics and chemicals. There are also fears of genetically modified salmon infiltrating wild salmon populations through breaches in GMO salmon farms.

To let the FDA know that you oppose approval of GMO salmon, please take a moment and email the FDA here. Below is a sample letter that you can copy and paste into the online form.

Re: FDA-2011-N-0899: I am writing because I'm deeply concerned that the FDA is on the verge of approving genetically modified salmon. I'm urging you to prepare a full environmental impact statement (EIS) regarding AquaBounty's requested approval. I remain unconvinced that genetically engineered fish is safe for human consumption and I'm disturbed by the environmental and animal welfare impact that would result from expansion of this project. Additionally, I'm quite alarmed at the prospect of genetic engineering of other farmed animals and by the ease with which this might be approved if the FDA allows this initial project to move forward.