The Daily Show Blows Whistle on Ag-Gag

Using humor to spotlight a serious issue, last week The Daily Show featured former Mercy For Animals undercover investigator Cody Carlson, along with a spokeswoman for the factory farming industry, in a discussion of the proliferation of whistleblower-suppression legislation.

While the segment aimed to poke fun, truly ridiculous was the industry spokeswoman's doublespeak, which the interviewer summed up as follows: "So, you're protecting animals from the people who are trying to protect animals."

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Blowing the Whistle on Whistleblowers
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Fortunately, while whistleblower-suppression bills, commonly known as ag-gag bills, have been cropping up nationwide, all of the ten ag-gag bills proposed this year have failed miserably. Still, ag-gag legislation remains on the books in some states and is currently under consideration in North Carolina.

Undercover investigators serve as the eyes and ears of American consumers, who are largely kept in the dark about how animals are raised for food. If Big Ag has nothing to hide, factory farmers should operate with complete transparency instead of relentlessly attempting to criminalize anyone who might document their activities.

Concerned about ag-gag in your state? Find out who your state and local legislators are and make sure they know how you feel. And remember, the best way to help protect animals from horrendous cruelty on factory farms is simply to leave them off your plate. For information on transitioning to a humane vegan diet, click here.