The E6 Cattle Rescue: 6 Months Later

Six months after being rescued from a living nightmare during an MFA undercover investigation at the E6 Cattle Company in Texas, Roy, Ari, Bob and Mercy have fully recovered from their terrible ordeal and are now thriving at The Gentle Barn farmed animal sanctuary in California.

calf 3.jpgDuring the investigation, MFA revealed E6 Cattle Company workers bashing in the skulls of calves with pickaxes and hammers, dragging them by their ears, throwing them, and neglecting them to die from illness and injury without veterinary care. Thanks to the efforts of Mercy For Animals' undercover investigator and the Gentle Barn staff, four lucky calves are now safe and sound and misdemeanor and felony cruelty charges have been filed against the owner, foreman and five workers at the facility.

Watch the touching rescue story:


After the rescue, the trouble for these poor calves wasn't quite over. Suffering from severe neglect and lacking the immune systems that newborns would normally develop if allowed to nurse from their mothers, the rescued calves were extremely sick and weak. Mercy, one of the youngest and smallest of them, was horribly sick when he arrived and Roy had wracking coughs and high fevers for a long time. Bob and Ari also suffered from illnesses caused by severe neglect.

calf 4.jpgBut with round the clock attention, love and veterinary care, all four calves are now healthy, strong and enjoying the good life. They will live out the rest of their days as ambassadors for farmed animals everywhere, teaching children and adults alike about the cruelties inherent in raising and killing animals for food.

calf 1.jpgWhile the recovery of these beautiful calves inspires hope, there are still many animals suffering at the hands of the meat, dairy and egg industries today. Luckily, each of us can help prevent the needless cruelty and violence these animals endure by making the switch to a healthy and compassionate vegan diet.

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