TRAGEDY: 300,000 Chickens Burned Alive

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 3.25.18 PM.pngIn a heartbreaking turn of events, an egg farm in La Grange, Wisconsin was consumed by a four-alarm fire Friday night killing nearly 300,000 birds.

S&R Egg Farm, which owns 800 acres of farmland is home to 2.4 million egg-laying hens.

What's nearly as disturbing as this horrific event is a news reporter's remark that there were "no reports of any injuries."

While it may be true that no humans were injured, we can only imagine the suffering experienced by the hundreds of thousands of birds who were engulfed in flames.

But even before the fire, life was hell on earth for the birds. Like egg factory farms nationwide, S&R crams egg-laying hens into tiny battery cages - small, stacked wire cages in which each bird is given about the space of an iPad to live her entire life.

Check out this video from MFA's undercover investigation at Sparboe Egg Farms and see for yourself how the egg industry cruelly confines hens:


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