UN: Dump Meat to Save Water

worldwaterday.jpgAs World Water Day approaches, the United Nations (UN) is encouraging consumers to help conserve water by moving away from meat-based diets. Inaugurated by the UN and held on March 22nd every year, World Water Day observes the pressing need to protect the world's water resources.

What does meat have to do with water? The meat, egg, and dairy industries not only cause animal suffering, they're also notorious for polluting our waterways and squandering our water supplies.

On its World Water Day website, the UN notes that producing food for farmed animals, slaughtering the animals, and processing meat all require huge amounts of H20. "This makes the water footprint of animal products particularly important," according to the UN. Fisheries and aquaculture don't get off the hook either ― they're called out as major "water users."

While animal agriculture accounts for over 90 percent of water depletion, vegetarian foods only take a fraction of the water and other resources needed to sustain meat-based diets. The scientific evidence is so clear that the UN is now calling for a global shift towards a vegan diet for ecological reasons.

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