US Milk Consumption Drops 30%

418588_373078912764673_1295526051_n.jpgThe Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that per-capita US milk consumption had fallen almost 30% since 1975. The reasons cited for this drop include the popularity of bottled waters, concern about the caloric content of milk, a decrease in the number of children consuming milk, and increased milk prices.

This drop in milk consumption is great news for dairy cattle because they suffer some of the worst farmed animal abuses. According to world-renowned animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin, "[S]ome of the worst handling of cows is in the dairy cattle. [T]here have been some real problems with pushing dairy cows so much for production they fall apart metabolically."

Heartbreakingly, most dairy cows are separated from their newborns within hours of birth. And they spend nearly their entire lives standing on concrete floors or crammed into massive mud lots. Many suffer from painful conditions such as lameness and mastitis. Downed cows--those too sick or injured to even stand--are also a common sight on factory dairy farms. These cows are often mishandled and left to suffer for weeks before they are euthanized or die.

This horrific reality is clearly demonstrated in MFA's recent investigative video shot at Bettencourt Dairies in Idaho. Watch the video here:

While we're pleased to see this drop in milk consumption, sales of other dairy products, such as yogurt and cheese, are still on the rise. Concerned consumers can help prevent needless violence and cruelty to animals by ditching dairy in favor of healthy and humane plant-based alternatives to milk, cheese, and ice cream. Visit to learn more.