Vegan Food Industry Booming

FR_CelebrationRoastLG.jpgYou read it right: the vegan food industry is booming--and we mean booming! According to advertising and brand guru Bruce Turkel, it's a $2.8 billion industry and it's growing. Turkel discussed the burgeoning vegan market in a recent segment of "Money with Melissa Francis," which also featured tips for hosting a vegan Thanksgiving from chef and author Annie Shannon.

Over six and a half million people will sit down to a vegan Thanksgiving dinner this year. With delicious main dishes such as Gardein's Holiday Roast, Tofurky Roast & Gravy, and Field Roast Celebration Roast, there are more than enough choices to satisfy the heartiest of palates.

But it is more than just the holiday options that are driving the growth. Twenty-three million people now say their diets are "vegetarian influenced."

Who can blame them? A diet free of meat, dairy and eggs is best for your health, best for the environment, and no doubt best for the animals. And vegan cooking has never been easier. Just look to Annie and Dan Shannon's cookbook "Betty Goes Vegan," which "VegNews" magazine just voted Cookbook of the Year.

But you don't even have to cook to get great vegan grub. Major food retailers from Subway and Starbucks to Chipotle and P.F. Chang's continue to expand their vegan offerings. And with a $2.8 billion market to tap into, it sounds like a smart business move.

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