Vegan Picnic Tips That Pack a Punch

vintage-inspired-picnic-wedding-22.jpgOur amazing volunteer, Giannina Gonzalez, helps us plan the perfect spring picnic. Check it out!

Planned or spontaneous, picnics are a fantastic way to enjoy both delicious meals and warm weather. Whether it's in the middle of a school day or during an office lunch break, we can all take advantage of the beautiful spring sunshine through daytime picnicking. Here are my tips on planning the perfect vegan picnic:

  • Haul a hearty sack full of whole wheat bread, vegan deli slices, fruits and veggies, and an assortment of condiments and dips to work or school and invite your colleagues or classmates to join you for lunch at a nearby park. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to introduce school or office mates to the delights of vegan eating, it's also a great way to build camaraderie. I also like to bring along delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies for an extra special treat!
  • Does your nearby park have a grill? Pack ready-to-grill veggie dogs, such as Tofurky Franks or Field Roast Frankfurters. In addition to being easy to cook, these meatless franks are sure to satisfy even the most staunch meat eater.
  • On-the-fly picnic? No worries. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant and pick it up on your way to the park. Big salads and tofu summer rolls make a fabulous springtime combo! Check out for restaurants in your area that offer vegan options.
  • Weekend picnic with your pup? Check out to find parks that allow our canine pals to join in the fun! Be sure to pack doggie treats and plenty of water for your furry friend. (It can get hot out there!) On that note, bring along a pint of SO Delicious Cookie Dough Ice Cream so you can cool down too!
Vegan picnics are a fabulous way to revel in the spring sun, enjoy the company of friends and coworkers, and introduce colleagues to the vast assortment of lip-smacking vegan eats available at their neighborhood grocers. For more tips on creating easy-to-build picnic menus, visit