Vegan Super Bowl Party!

super-bowl.jpgAre you ready for some football? I am! I absolutely love football. I love the teamwork, drama, dedication, and strategy. I adore the camaraderie of fans and the culmination of many years of training and a whole season of incredibly hard work.

But as the big game approaches, I recognize that for millions of people, the Super Bowl is mostly a great excuse to get together with friends and family and indulge. You don't need to know the difference between a safety and a two-point conversion to know that you can have a delicious vegan Super Bowl party. These plant-based meal ideas are sure to be crowd-pleasers:

  • If you couldn't care less who wins, there's no need to commit to a team--or to a tortilla chip topping with a delicious, yet so simple seven layer dip or some killer nachos.
  • Hummus is another perfect staple for dipping. Try some with homemade pita chips.
  • Don't forget about the hot dogs! Vegan frankfurters from Field Roast are insanely delicious. Having beer or wine? Check out Barnivore for vegan selections.
  • Finally, to really seal the deal on savory, spicy, sweet, smoky, and satisfying, serve Robin Robertson's Finger-Lickin' Tempeh Fingers from her book Party Vegan. Then everyone will be a winner!
While football can be a ruthless sport, we can make tasty, compassionate food choices without supporting cruelty toward animals. So, this Sunday, whether you're rooting for the Ravens or the 49ers or are just looking to spend some time with your friends and family, make sure to enjoy the big game vegan style.

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