Victory! Efforts to Ban Undercover Investigations Fail

5840771563_ee433b3b84_b.jpegOn the heels of MFA's latest undercover investigation at Iowa's leading pork producer, the efforts of pro-factory farming legislators in the state to criminalize such investigations have stalled out. Due in large part to the compassionate MFA supporters who contacted their legislators urging them to reject these dangerous bills, similar efforts to shield animal abusers from public scrutiny in Florida, Minnesota and New York also failed this year.

Decried as unconstitutional by free speech advocates and opposed by the majority of voters, these so-called "Ag-Gag" bills aimed at outlawing the production, possession or distribution of video or photographs of farmed animal cruelty were harshly condemned by media outlets nationwide, including CNN, The New York Times and TIME Magazine.

Because consumers have a right to know how animals are treated on factory farms and video footage is the most powerful tool the animal rights movement has, MFA ramped up its efforts to expose the plight of farmed animals to people across the country with our popular Farm to Fridge Tour. From New York City to Los Angeles, New Orleans to Bozeman, the tour garnered tons of attention, including great mainstream media coverage alerting consumers to common agricultural practices that, while deemed legal in most states, shock and horrify most Americans.

While these bills failed to pass this year, it is certain the powerful factory farming lobby is already hard at work ensuring they will be introduced again next year - making it even more vital that animal advocates continue to distribute undercover videos of factory farms, hatcheries and slaughterhouses and expose consumers to the cruelty inherent in animal agriculture. Now is the time to speak out!

What will you do to expose the truth? Here are some ideas to get you started.