Video: Jane Velez-Mitchell Exposes King of Cruelty

Representative Steve King is, without a doubt, the most anti-animal member of Congress. He led efforts to block legislation that cracked down on the barbaric practices of dogfighting and cockfighting. He sponsored an amendment to legalize arsenic in chicken feed and has come out in favor of horse slaughter. Rep. King even voted against a bill to include companion and service animals in disaster planning.

Now, the King of Cruelty has his sights set on farmed animals with a dangerous amendment to the Farm Bill. If passed, the "King Amendment" would wipe out virtually every state law protecting farmed animals from even the most horrific cruelty and suffering. The amendment is so overreaching that it could also preempt state laws relating to alcohol and tobacco, child labor, and environmental protection.

Recently, MFA's executive director, Nathan Runkle, spoke with Jane Velez-Mitchell on her nationally syndicated news program to urge Americans to contact their representatives in Congress and ask them to remove the cruel King Amendment from the Farm Bill.

Watch the interview here:


Please, take 30 seconds to contact your representatives in Congress today and tell them you oppose the King Amendment to the Farm Bill. Click here to take action now!