Video: New Israeli Slaughterhouse Investigation Sparks International Outrage

israel slaughter.jpgAnonymous for Animal Rights, an Israeli animal protection organization, has released startling undercover video footage showing cows and other animals being shocked with electric prods in their eyes, genitals, and anuses. At one point, a worker is heard saying: "Shove the shocker up his ass, he will move; in any event, he will move."

The horrific findings have garnered widespread media attention around the world, as well as calls for the slaughterhouse to be shut down on grounds of severe violations of the Israel Animal Welfare Act.

Watch the undercover video footage here:

According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, the fact that many of the animals at this slaughterhouse come from Australia has sparked condemnation by government officials and demands by the RSPCA and Animals Australia to suspend live animal shipments to the Middle East.

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