Video: Slaughterhouse Workers Caught Torturing Turkeys for Fun

According to multiple news outlets, law enforcement in Australia is investigating allegations of sadistic animal torture caught on video at a major turkey slaughterhouse outside of Sydney. The shocking hidden-camera video footage anonymously turned over to an Australian animal protection group shows more than 130 acts of deliberate cruelty to animals, including workers stomping on birds and violently slamming them against walls and machinery.

In one instance, a worker repeatedly kicks a bird as she helplessly flaps around on the floor. The worker then picks up the turkey, slams her against a cage, and then proceeds to stomp on her head until she is no longer moving. In another scene, two workers appear to be celebrating after taking turns kicking and kneeing a bird as she hangs upside down in shackles.

Watch the disturbing video footage here:


Cruelty and abuse are not unique to Australian slaughterhouses. Multiple undercover investigations by Mercy For Animals at Butterball turkey factory farms in the United States have uncovered similar acts of sadistic torture and violence. Several Butterball workers were found guilty of criminal cruelty to animals following MFA's investigations, including Brian Douglas who represents the first-ever felony conviction for cruelty to factory-farmed poultry in US history.

Another MFA investigation at House of Raeford Farms, one of the largest poultry processors in the country, revealed workers routinely punching turkeys for "fun," forcefully shoving their hands into the vaginal cavities of live chickens, ripping the heads off live turkeys, and slitting turkeys' throats while they were still fully conscious. House of Raeford has a long record of illegal activity. In 2009, the company settled criminal charges by paying a 1.5 million-dollar fine for knowingly hiring undocumented workers, and the company was recently convicted on ten counts of violating the Clean Water Act.

Time and again, the meat industry proves to be one of the cruelest and most corrupt industries on the planet. Thankfully, concerned consumers can help prevent needless violence and cruelty to animals by ditching turkey and other animal products in favor of healthy and humane plant-based alternatives. Visit to learn more.