Sign the petition calling on Walmart to stop purchasing from suppliers using cruel gestation crates.
Dear Walmart:

Last week, two of the country's largest pork producers - Smithfield Farms and Tyson Foods - announced plans to remove "gestation crates" from their pork supply chain. Gestation crates are small metal stalls used to confine mother pigs on some factory farms. The crates are so tiny that mother pigs cannot turn around, walk, or even lie down comfortably.

Because pigs are so smart – perhaps even smarter than cats and dogs – when crammed in gestation crates they often go insane from the stress, abuse, and lack of stimulation. Some will bite the bars of their cage until their teeth shatter. Others lie depressed and motionless on the ground all day, their intelligent, social minds broken by the misery of confinement.

Gestation crates are so cruel that they have been banned in nine states and dozens of countries. In addition to Smithfield and Tyson, dozens of major retailers - including Walmart competitors like Costco, Target, Safeway, Kroger, and others - have committed to phasing gestation crates out of their supply chains. Walmart Canada has also committed to ending its use of crates. Walmart U.S. is the last major retailer still clinging to this outdated, barbaric practice.

It's time for Walmart to issue a public plan to end the use of gestation crates in its supply chain. Please take action now to bring Walmart back in line with the rest of the industry on this important animal welfare issue.


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