Want to Live to 100? Vegetarianism Might Be the Answer

According to a recent report in Men's Journal, a large-scale study of 73,000 Americans shows that eating a vegetarian diet promotes longevity.

The study is one of the most meticulous of its kind, boasting not only an enormous number of participants, but also unprecedented attention to details like activity level, age, and sleep patterns.

Co-author of the study Sam Soret explains, "Meat has detrimental effects in its own right, which we know from evidence accumulated over the last century linking it to heart disease and cancer. ...
... [P]lants contain protective elements such as phytonutrients. ... Even semi-vegetarians, who eat some meat but still consume a lot of plant foods, minimize their exposure to the bad stuff in meat while upping their exposure to protective stuff in plants."

No wonder more people than ever are switching to a more compassionate lifestyle.

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