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Issue #28

Spring 2018

This issue features:

  • MFA’s Soaring Momentum in Latin America
  • Renowned Musicians Use Their Voices for Animals
  • Why Miyoko Schinner Makes Us Smile
  • Spring Veg Trends
  • Heartbreak at a Brazilian Pig Factory Farm

Issue #27

Winter 2018

This issue features:

  • An Interview with Okja's Visionary Director, Bong Joon Ho
  • Unstoppable! Why 2017 Was MFA's Best Year Yet
  • Meet MFA: Cody Carlson
  • Introducing The Green Plate
  • Warm Up Your Holidays with Compassion

Issue #26

Fall 2017

This issue features:

  • New Book Tells Story of Mercy For Animals
  • MFA Footage Airs Countrywide and Canada's Parliament Reacts
  • Forging a New Path for Farmed Animals in Brazil
  • Meet MFA: Shayna Rowbotham
  • MFA Vegetarian Support Specialists Invite Conversation and Connection
  • Finding Balance: MFA Staff Find Energy in Exercise

Issue #25

Summer 2017

This issue features:

  • Canada's Changemakers: Five Years of Pioneering Progress in Canada
  • Tony Kanal: Rebel with a Cause
  • Milestone in Mexico: First-of-Its-Kind Legislation Introduced After MFA Investigations
  • Meet MFA: Kelcey Meadows-Lucas
  • MFA's Legal Team Digs In
  • Chloe Coscarelli Takes the Cake!

Issue #24

Spring 2017

This issue features:

  • Champions for Chickens: MFA's Mission of Change for Billions of Birds
  • Mýa: Grammy Goddess
  • Groundbreaking Investigations in Mexico Go Viral
  • Meet MFA: Lucas Alvarenga
  • Eyes in the Skies: MFA Drones Capture Magnitude of Factory Farm Destruction
  • Small Online Actions Spark Big Changes

Issue #23

Winter 2017

This issue features:

  • Inside Mexico's Slaughterhouses
  • Kat Von D: Bold and Beautiful
  • Celebrate a Very Happy & Humane Holiday Season
  • Top Tips for Families Raising Vegan Children
  • Meet MFA: Blanka Alfaro Pola
  • Circle V: World's First Vegan Music Festival Rocks Hollywood
  • How You Changed the World for Animals in 2016

Issue #22

Fall 2016

This issue features:

  • Fierce 50: A Look Back at MFA's First 50 Investigations
  • Daisy Fuentes: Repping Fashion & Compassion
  • MFA's Mighty Movement in Latin America
  • Meet MFA: Jamie Berger
  • Breaking Barriers: Chalk Up Another Cage-Free Victory!
  • The Emotional World of Animals: Exclusive Interview with Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
  • Plants Are the New Meat

Issue #21

Summer 2016

This issue features:

  • Transport Terror: Canada's Decades-Old Transport Regulations Torture Animals
  • Joaquin Phoenix: Lights, Camera, Compassion
  • The Good Food Institute Launches
  • Meet MFA: Krista Hiddema
  • Small Heroes, Big Hearts: Sixth Graders Make a Difference
  • Hen Hell: United Egg Producers Rubber Stamps Cruelty

Issue #20

Spring 2016

This issue features:

  • Bye-Bye Battery Cages: Grassroots Momentum Signals a Cage-Free Future
  • Problem at Perdue: MFA's Hidden Cameras Expose Birds Stomped to Death at Perdue Farms
  • Meet MFA: Nick Cooney
  • Helping the Most Animals Through Effective Altruism
  • Meat: The New SUV

Issue #19

Winter 2016

This issue features:

  • Triple Takedown: Tyson Targeted by Three MFA Undercover Investigations in 2015
  • Candice Bergen: Award-Winning Actress Speaks Out for Chickens
  • Meet MFA: Kyle Fujisawa
  • Taking Canada By Storm: MFA Brings Hope to Animals on Canada's Factory Farms
  • How Not to Die: Exclusive Interview with Dr. Greger
  • MFA Combats Factory Farming in India
  • How the Fishing Industry Is Emptying Our Oceans

Issue #18

Fall 2015

This issue features:

  • Idaho Ag-Gag Struck Down
  • Torture on Tour: MFA Hits the Road with "Abby the Abused Chicken"
  • Meet MFA: Kristen Diederich
  • The Domino Effect: MFA Investigations Push Global Food Industry Change
  • Nom Yourself: Creative Vegan Cooking with Chef Mary Mattern
  • Cultivating Compassion with MFA's Fellowship Program

Issue #17

Summer 2015

This issue features:

  • Winning Walmart: Retail Giant Announces Sweeping New Policy Following MFA Campaign
  • It’s On! MFA’s #NoAgGag Campaign Ignites a Movement
  • Meet MFA: Alan Darer
  • Animal Liberation Turns 40: Exclusive Interview with Peter Singer
  • Bone Dry: What Does Animal Agriculture Have to Do With California’s Epic Drought?
  • Hell on Earth: MFA Investigator Exposes Cruelty at Canada’s Largest Chicken Slaughterhouse
  • How to Be Great at Protecting Animals

Issue #16

Spring 2015

This issue features:

  • Horror in the Heartland: One Investigator's Story of Abuse on a Wisconsin Dairy Farm
  • Sam Simon: Remembering a Hero
  • Meet MFA: Jake Morton
  • Walmart Gets Worse
  • Transport Torture: Putting the Red Light on Animal Transport Cruelty
  • The Future of Food: Exclusive Interview With Andras Forgacs
  • Face-to-Face With Chick-fil-A Cruelty

Issue #15

Fall/Winter 2014

This issue features:

  • Dairy's Sordid Story: MFA's Hidden Cameras Catch Mega Dairies Brutally Abusing Cows
  • Meet MFA: Ari Solomon
  • Ducks in Despair: Police Raid Duck Factory Farm Following MFA Investigation
  • Daring Documentary: Exclusive Interview With Makers ofCowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret
  • Nestlé Quik-Ly Tackles Animal Cruelty: World's Largest Food Company Announces Greatest Corporate Victory Ever for Farmed Animals
  • Matty's Story: The Vicious Veal Industry Exposed

Issue #14

Summer 2014

This issue features:

  • Mission of Mercy: How One MFA Investigator Brought Landmark Change to Tyson Foods and the Pork Industry
  • Meet MFA: Kate Ziegler
  • Esther the Wonder Pig: Exclusive Interview With Esther's Dads About Their Prime Time Pig
  • DisGusting DiGiorno: MFA Investigation Exposes Heartbreaking Cruelty to Cows at DiGiorno Cheese Supplier
  • Mayim's Vegan Table: TV Star Mayim Bialik's New Cookbook Sparks a Big Bang!

Issue #13

Fall/Winter 2013

This issue features:

  • Walmart Worsens: Mega Retailer's Cruelty to Pigs Exposed Again
  • Meet MFA: Sarah Von Alt
  • Simon Says: Exclusive Interview with Sam Simon
  • Foul Play: Undercover at Awful Amazon Foie Gras Supplier
  • Ag-Gag's Media Meltdown
  • Isa Does It: Kitchen Talk with Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Issue #12

Summer 2013

This issue features:

  • Burger King Cruelty: MFA Undercover Investigation Exposes Dark Side of Dairy
  • Activist Spotlight: Eddie Garza
  • Beg: Exclusive Interview with Rory Freedman
  • Canada's Crated Cruelty: Hidden-Camera Investigation of a Canadian Pig Farm
  • Repeat Offender: Butterball Busted Again!
  • The Future of Food: Venture Capitalists Venture Into Veganism

Issue #11

Fall/Winter 2012

This issue features:

  • Auction Atrocities: Undercover Investigation Exposes Heartbreaking Abuse
  • Activist Spotlight: Vandhana Bala
  • Wicked Walmart: Hidden Cost of the Mega Retailer's Cheap Pork
  • Butterball Gets Busted: Historic Cruelty Conviction Against Turkey Tyrant
  • The Artivists: Creativity Meets Compassion

Issue #10

Spring/Summer 2012

This issue features:

  • McDonald's Shame: Undercover at an Egg McMuffin Factory Farm
  • The Lean: Exclusive Interview with Kathy Freston
  • Activist Spotlight: Steve Erlsten
  • Butterball Abuse: Undercover at the Turkey Titan
  • The Rise and Fall: Meat Industry on the Decline -- Veganism on the Rise

Issue #9

Fall/Winter 2011

This issue features:

  • Concealed Cruelty: Shocking New Pork Industry Expose
  • Forks Over Knives: Award-Winning Film Prescribes Food as Medicine
  • Lights, Camera, Compassion: Powerful Pro-Veg Advertisements Hit the Airwaves
  • Activist Profile: Mikael Nielsen
  • Safe from Harm: Calves Get Second Chance at Life Following MFA Investigation

Issue #8

Spring/Summer 2011

This issue features:

  • Bob Barker to the Rescue: TV Legend Comes to the Aid of Calves
  • Fishy Business: MFA Goes Undercover at Fish Slaughter Facility
  • Activist Spotlight: Derek Coons
  • Farm to Fridge: New Film Serves Food for Thought
  • Confronting CAFOs: Exclusive Interview with Dan Imhoff

Issue #7

Fall/Winter 2010

This issue features:

  • Dairy Farm Brutality: MFA's Most Shocking Undercover Investigation Yet
  • Second Nature: Exclusive Interview with Jonathan Balcombe
  • Activist Spotlight: Matt Rice
  • Progress for Ohio Animals: Landmark Agreement Addresses Factory Farming Practices in the Buckeye State

Issue #6

Spring/Summer 2010

This issue features:

  • Dairy's Dark Side: Undercover at a New York Dairy Farm
  • That's Why We Don’t Eat Animals: Exclusive Interview with Ruby Roth
  • Activist Spotlight: Daniel Hauff
  • Sickened Chicken: Factory-farmed Disease, Contamination and Deadly Flu

Issue #5

Fall/Winter 2010

This issue features:

  • Breeding Misery: Undercover at a Pennsylvania Pig Farm
  • The Inner World of Farm Animals: Exclusive Interview with Amy Hatkoff
  • Activist Spotlight: Kayla Worden
  • Hatchery Horrors: Meet the Egg Industry's Tiniest Victims

Issue #4

Spring/Summer 2009

This issue features:

  • The Rotten Truth: A Coast-to-Coast Egg Industry Expose
  • Film For Thought: A look at MFA's new documentary Fowl Play
  • Thanking the Monkey: An Exclusive Interview with Karen Dawn

Issue #3

Fall/Winter 2008

This issue features:

  • Handled Without Care: Undercover at a California Factory Egg Farm
  • Striking at the Roots: An Exclusive Interview with Mark Hawthorn
  • Mounting Momentum: Veganism Goes Mainstream
  • Activist Spotlight: Heather Patrick

Issue #2

Fall/Winter 2007

This issue features:

  • House of Horror: An MFA undercover investigation at a major poultry slaughterhouse
  • Because It Feels Good: An Exclusive Interview with author Dr. Jonathan Balcombe
  • The Burning Truth: The connection between animal agriculture and and climate change

Issue #1

Spring/Summer 2007

This issue features:

  • Animals and the Law: The Shocking Truth
  • Chew On This: Exclusive Interview with authors Eric Schlosser and Chuck Wilson
  • Activist Spotlight: Joe Espinosa

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