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You can support the lifesaving work Mercy For Animals does by donating today! Every dollar spares a farmed animal from a lifetime of cruelty.
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Giving cash and appreciated securities is not the only way you can support MFA. You can donate your life insurance policy, real estate, valuable personal property, or even a vehicle. Find details on these and other giving ideas here.

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Help change the world for animals for as little as 50 cents per day. Become an Investigator Ally with a convenient monthly donation to MFA, and you’ll receive exclusive benefits as thanks for your support.

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  • Philanthropedia acknowledges MFA as one of the 5 most high-impact animal protection organizations in the U.S
    MFA is named one of the "15 Top High-Impact Nonprofits" in the category of "animal welfare, rights, and protection" by Philanthropedia.

    “Mercy For Animals has an immensely talented and dedicated crew of employees and attracts legions of volunteers. They are also fiscally responsible and make a great impact choosing campaigns that are not only effective, but cost-efficient.”

  • Independent Charities of America
    Mercy For Animals has been consistently named Best In America by the Independent Charities of America, a seal awarded to less than 1 percent of charities nationwide each year.

    “The Independent Charities Seal of Excellence is awarded to [charities] … that have, upon rigorous independent review, been able to certify, document, and demonstrate on an annual basis that they meet the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness.”

  • Mercy For Animals is the first organization ever to be named Nonprofit of the Year twice by VegNews magazine
    MFA was voted Favorite Non-Profit Organization in VegNews magazine’s 2016 Veggie Awards. More than 1.7 million people voted. This marks the third year in a row MFA has been honored.

    “Mercy For Animals has done nothing but explode, fast-tracking a vision of animal protection’s promising future to the present.”

  • Mercy For Animals is recognized as a Gold Level Participant of the GuideStar Exchange for its deep commitment to transparency and accountability
    Mercy For Animals is recognized as a Gold Level Participant of the GuideStar Exchange for its deep commitment to transparency and accountability.

    The Gold Level is GuideStar’s highest level and has been attained by less than 1 percent of U.S. nonprofits.


Meet a few of the animals whose lives were saved by Mercy For Animals.

Meet Roy

Roy was one of four calves rescued by MFA after an investigation of the E6 Cattle Company in Texas. Our investigator found workers bashing in the heads of calves with pickaxes and hammers, dragging calves like Roy around by the ears, and leaving others to slowly die from illness and injury. Thanks to MFA, felony cruelty charges were filed against farm workers, and Roy and his brothers are now living the good life in the pasture of an animal sanctuary.

Meet Emily

Emily was one of four ducklings rescued by an MFA investigator from the Hudson Valley Foie Gras farm in New York. MFA’s investigation revealed that three times a day, ducks on the farm were painfully force-fed through a pipe shoved down their throats. Our investigation prompted New York’s state legislators to reconsider a ban on this cruel practice. Thanks to MFA, Emily and her sisters are now quacking happily at an animal sanctuary.

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Meet Hope

During an investigation at an egg farm in Ohio, Hope was found lying on a pile of dead birds. Only Hope wasn’t dead—just sick from a lifetime of confinement in a small, waste-filled wire “battery cage” where she could barely turn around. MFA founder Nathan Runkle rescued Hope and brought her to an animal sanctuary where she made a full recovery. Footage shot by MFA at this and other Ohio egg farms helped lead to a state ban on new battery cage facilities.